Betsy Fenik Photography | What's it all about?


Ballerina. Havana, Cuba January 2014

​We were given the chance to observe a dance class on a Sunday afternoon in Havana. At first we looked through the window at the dozen or so girls who were chattering, laughing and moving about the room. The teach invited us in and called the class to order. Soon they were spinning, shaking, and leaping to a wonderful Latin beat. At the break I spotted this girl and motioned as to whether I could photograph her She smiled and just looked into the camera. 






Line dry. Havana, Cuba January 2014

A few of us went to Central Havana to the Roosevelt Hotel, now an apartment building. While in the lobby some of the residents invited us up to the roof to take in the view. Ascending in an elevator with no door and a spongy floor to the 8th floor we stepped out onto a roof garden and a beautiful view of Havana. Some of the neighbors came out to meet us and while we were talking I noticed their beautiful laundry, blowing in the breeze. These vibrant, warm colors remind me of Havana and its people.