Karen Coulter Perkins(non-registered)
Your Myanmar photographs are even better than your Cuban series. I love that you are combining people with your landscapes, because your heart sees people very clearly. That sensitivity to souls, when added to your design/light/composition skills, results in powerful images.

For those reasons, I want you to keep traveling.
The Myanmar shots are transcendent. You have become one of the best photographers I have ever seen. Just wow.
Capt John(non-registered)
Wow what an eye
Eileen Suarez(Dunn)(non-registered)
Betsy these photos are so beautiful! You should get them published in a pictorial book especially your Cuban pictures having been done in two different years. They are inspirational! I paint landscape watercolor paintings for relaxation and for art skills exercises as a non professional painter and I have been inspired to try to sketch and then paint pictures like yours after having seen some of your pictures on face book. Thank you for sharing them. I could never travel to the places you've been to so viewing your travel photos is like being there for me. Thank you!
John Hames(non-registered)
Beautiful work, Betsy. May your eye never cease to explore.
Absolute warmth and beauty. Your soul has bokeh. : )
kathryn lee(non-registered)
wonderful! Will look forward to viewing!
Ginda Simpson(non-registered)
Your photos reflect a beautiful world, through the beauty that is within your soul. Bravissima!
Photos are beautiful. I love to take photos I never thought about posting them. You are inspiring me to do so. I may do Flickr.com.
Karen Coulter Perkins(non-registered)
So pleased to see this new expression of your work, Betsy. May your skies continue to be complex and your road, delightfully twisted. I'll be eager to see what your heart's eye sees in Cuba.
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